salem track club

Track and Field

 Practice: 6:00 to 7:30pm, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We will start and end practice in front of the track shed.

Location: South Salem High School, 1910 Church St. SE, Salem, the track is on the east side of the school. Parents need to come with their athletes to the track shed when they drop them off for practice. After practice, they can pickup them  up at the track shed. Athletes are not to be dropped off or picked up in the parking lot. This is for their safety. Athletes need to be a member of the club to practice with the club.

2018 Track and Field Registration Form

Cost: Full season $135.00 for first family member ($90 for each additional family member) which includes a T-shirt. Late season, starts after the high school season, $90.00 (no T-shirt)

To get the full family experience we encourage all parents to come out on the track and closely watch their athletes. You can help the coaches as requested. Thank you.

Volunteering: We host a meet every year and need everyone’s help. Volunteers are critical to ensure a fair, well-run meet. It will last about 8 hours. Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

Clothing: Its important the athletes have on the appropriate clothing for the existing weather conditions. You can always take extra clothing off if you get to warm, but you can not put on non existing clothing if you get cold. We recommend they bring an athletic bag where they can keep extra clothing, hat, gloves, rain gear, sweat pants, extra sweatshirts or jacket in case the weather turns nasty. We occasionally get caught in a rainstorm. Poly tech clothing is recommended over cotton, because it is breathable, and draws moisture away from the skin, and keeps the body warmer in cold temperatures.

Shoes: All athletes need sturdy running shoes. Court shoes will not provide the proper support and could cause injury or damage to growing feet over time. Gallagher Fitness Resources can help you select good running shoes and they offer a discount to Salem Track Club members. Don’t forget to ask for your discount.

Food & Drink: Don’t eat dinner before you come to workout. If you are hungry after school eat something light like fruit. Stay well hydrated during the day and bring a water bottle to practice.

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